EOS [EOS] Developers Implement EOSIO At Their Own Risk

The developer of block-building software Block.one announced on June 2 about the launch of version 1.0 of the EOSIO protocol. The platform is aimed at creating blocking applications by both entrepreneurs and other members of the community.

According to the post on the company’s blog , Block.one does not guarantee that the platform will work “as intended” and that it will be “free from errors, bugs and bad code”, as developers implement EOSIO at their own peril and risk. An interesting position, which, in my opinion, can seriously undermine the credibility of the company. Developers in advance declare the insecurity of the platform, as if removing all responsibility.

Investments in EOSIO

Also Block.one announced the conclusion of a partnership with an investment firm working in the field of blocking, SVK Crypto. The company will allocate $ 50 million for the development of the EOSIO ecosystem.

ICO EOS – the largest ICO in history

Yesterday, the project team announced the completion of the crowdsdale of EOS tokens, which lasted 1 year. As a result, the company raised $ 4 billion. The project became the largest ICO at the moment.

EOS Security

Earlier this week, the Chinese cyber security firm Qihoo 360 discovered a number of serious vulnerabilities in the EOS detachment, they opened the possibility of committing remote attacks on the network nodes. The problem was solved by the developers on the same day.

EOS Rating

Now EOS is on the fifth line in the rating of the largest crypto-currencies at the rate of $ 14.55 and capitalization of $ 13 billion. Over the last 24 hours, the Crypto-currency shows the most significant growth out of the top-100 crypto-currencies.